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B&H Photography Podcast

The B&H Photography Podcast, a weekly conversation about all things photography. With insightful and entertaining guests, we discuss the issues most important to the contemporary photographer.

Aug 31, 2023

According to food photographer Mica McCook, the secret sauce is more than simply visual appeal, it’s connecting to how the images make you feel. As McCook likes to say, she creates cravings, one photo at a time. 
McCook’s photos are dramatic like telenovelas, embracing the magic of a chef's palate, and delighting in...

Aug 17, 2023

Bruce Gilden is a street-photography icon. With summer in full swing and International Street Photography Day (otherwise known as Henry Cartier-Bresson’s birthday) looming on the horizon, what better time to feature a lively chat with the master himself, recorded at B&H’s 2023 Depth of Field Conference, just...

Aug 3, 2023

The integration of AI technologies with Adobe software has set the creative world on its head. To get a read on this hot-button, rapidly evolving field, we tapped two generations of tech wizardry—Scott Kelby, the original Photoshop Guy, and retouching powerhouse Kristina Sherk. We sat down with both of these...